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Leadership is “Influence”

(Nothing more nothing less)

If you are interested in Leadership, you need to:

  • Understand what motivates People’s thinking & actions
  • Learn how to build and teach “Trust & Respect”
  • Learn Communication Skills that “Influence” others

Douglas Jones  (506) 386-5868

Certified by Dr. John C. Maxwell (Leadership Development)
Certified by Dr. William Glasser (Behavioural Psychology)
Certified Personal & Executive Coach (College of Executive Coaching)

A “FREE” gift for you

“Self-Assessment” Leadership guide absolutely free

  • See where your strengths are
  • See what you need to work on
  • Help your colleagues & co-workers assess themselves

Measure yourself on 21 Essential Leadership Skills

Your entire company can use this if you want.

To “Influence” others, you may want to understand yourself better first. I guarantee you will surprise yourself. Try it, you’ll like it.

Submit your contact info below and you will “Immediately” be given an eight page guide where you can assess yourself (other can too) on

21 Essential Leadership Skills.


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