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99.7% of all conflicts are “Power Struggles”


There are Power Struggles over ownership of tangible things, but for the sake of simplicity and clarity, I am going to talk about a “Power Struggle” between two people.


As a human being, the only tool you have is “How you Feel” about the outside world. You are constantly judging how you feel about 4 things.


       ·       How you feel about what “THEY” said.

       ·       How you feel about what “YOU” said.


       ·       How you feel about what “THEY did.

       ·       How you feel about what “YOU” did.


POWER is the feeling you get when you: win the argument, achieve your goal, or in some way beat the other person at the struggle you are in.


STRUGGLE is the amount of “energy, effort or emotion” you are willing to expend to get that feeling of Power.


Therefore: a Power Struggle is an attempt to gain a “Feeling of Power” over someone else, not to solve the issue (Obviously the wrong focus).


Conflict Resolution will help focus on solving the issue and creating a more equitable distribution of the Feeling Power.


The need for the “Feeling of Power over others” is an “ATTITUDE”.


Conflict is a symptom of the need for “ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT COACHING” for both people.



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