Helping to Improving Your "Workplace"
                                  Morale & Productivity

    Employee Rescue Program
                                  (Rather the "FIRING" the Employee) 


"Attitude Adjustment Coaching" forces an employee to realistically face

the "CONSEQUENCES" of his or her own "WORDS & ACTIONS" (Behaviours)

The question becomes: “Is this employee worth saving?”


“Attitude Adjustment Coaching” will produce “Employee Behaviour Modification”


 This “Attitude Adjustment Coaching” is meant to be an intense “Self-Evaluation”

·       Do I know what good and bad behaviours are and the consequences of each?

·       Are my words and actions getting the result I want?

·       Am I willing to make changes in my thoughts and actions?


Once the “Conversion in Thinking” happens, it is critical that follow-up “re-enforcement” sessions continue over the next six months to a year. (Approximately 20 hours in total)


 "Attitude Adjustment Coaching" will:


    • Establish a quality working relationship with the employee built on “Trust & Respect”

    • Teach “The Psychology of Choice” and the “Attitudes that Lead to Change”

    • Help clarify good and bad behaviours (And consequences of each)

    • Help define an appropriate action plan, timeline and commitment

    • Provide relevant suggestions based on past experiences

    • Hold the employee accountable for commitments to his/her own action plan


The employee will gain the skills to be able to:


    • Reduce disruptive behaviours

    • Learn better “People Skills”

    • Begin to adjust attitudes

    • Strengthen “Tolerance and Self-discipline”

    • Begin to review “consequences” before choosing actions


It is a well-established statistic that says that it costs three times an employee’s salary to replace that employee.  


A strategic investment in an employee’s well-being will bring significant dividends in terms of
“Trust, Respect and overall Company Morale”.

The company wins big by helping an employee to “Learn and Change”.

  I will change their thinking: (I Guarantee it)

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