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               Testimonial from David Hawkins                        

  Testimonial from David Hawkins             (One-on-One Professional Development Coaching)


"I've known Doug Jones for many years. He's a fine, talented and helping human being with a generous heart.

He has coached me through a couple of challenging issues, always careful to listen patiently and

thoughtfully - always seeking the insights and counsel that have led to important breakthroughs for me both personally and professionally.


I'm grateful to him for the time he has spent with me and the value he has added to my life."


David Hawkins, Dieppe, N-B

    (Leadership Development Training)

Testimonial From Ryan Grant (IGT, GTEC, SPEILO)   


This diversified group connected on more than just a professional level. There was a personal connection and understanding of each other’s learning and growth.


There was a feeling of “Trust and Respect” in the room that I have never witnessed before

The resulting “Learning, Co-operating, and Personal Growth” far exceeds my normal seminar expectations. The enthusiasm for the next session is exhilarating and contagious.

      (Conflict Resolution: Elispogtog First Nation)

Testimonial From Ivan Augustine

It has been a full year since you worked with our 2 staff members. I can report back the changes I have seen. Although the situation is not perfect and will never be but the professional relationship has certainly improved.


Your task was to find the underlying cause of the conflict and for our staff members’ to resolve the conflict and work together in a professional and courteous manner. I believe you did just that. The two staff members do work together now and do show more professionalism between them. The staff members greet each other professionally, share relevant information between them and even the emails between them that are cc’d to me show a lot more respect between themselves.

           (People Skills Development Training)
Testimonial From William Neven (Sun Dance Chief: Elispogtog First Nation)

I trained 24 front line workers at Elsipogtog, in Behavioural Psychology (People Shills). These are natives who work directly with the band community (Health care, nurses, school teachers, addiction workers ambulance drivers, social workers).


At the completion of the training, the Sun Dance Chief gave me a Bear Hug and said: “You have given us the social and communication skills so that our own people can help our own community more effectively. When you give me a gift, I want to give you a gift.” He presented me with an Eagle Feather and a Sweet Grass Braid.


Received an “Eagle Feather from the Sun Dance Chief: Elispogtog First Nation

Given my Spirit Name: “Golden Eagle” from Tribal Elder:  Elispogtog First Nation

     The Eagle Feather represents “Openness, Honesty, Integrity, Strength and Wisdom”.

These are the highest Honor that a white man can receive from First Nation
I am truly grateful



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