Helping to Improving Your "Workplace"
                                  Morale & Productivity
              My Coaching & Training Programs

   My Coaching and Training Programs are designed to help you "Influence" other people

   Your ability to "Influence" depends on your ability to "Communicate"
   Your ability to "Communicate" depends on your “Willingness to Understand and Listen”
   to people (People Skills)


    I can help you understand what “Motivates” the people around you

    I can teach you the communication process that “Encourages Change”


    I can teach you “Speaking Skills”
      (For: presentations, peer to peer communications, meetings, sales and Customer Service)


    I can also “Deal with Difficult People” for you

           .       Employees with great skills but lousy attitude

           ·       Employees who use bad language

           ·       Employees with bad behaviours (Inappropriate touching, harassment)

           ·       Employees in conflict


    “Soft Skills/People Skills” are the key to effective “Influence”


    Most of what I do is “One-On-One”

    Group Sessions can be arranged using “Your Outcome Criteria”  

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              (John Maxwell Certified: Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker)


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