Douglas Jones (Master Leadership Trainer & Coach)
Certified by John Maxwell

As your personal and/or business "COACH", I will help you become the "BEST" at what you are "BEST AT".  Most importantly, I will guarantee you an "INCREDIBLE" return on "YOUR" Investment in     → "YOURSELF" ←

I have a Master's degree in adult education;
I am certified to practice Choice Theory Psychology & Reality Therapy and Lead Management;
I am a certified Personal & Executive Coach;

In my own professional development, I have focused on Employee Behavioural Psychology and the Coaching Process so that I can teach what I have learned. My passion is helping "Decision Makers" to become more effective "People Influencers" by: Improving their understanding of employee behaviour and motivation

      •  Strengthening their communication & leadership skills
      •  Reviewing and rejuvenating their personal and professional development plans
      •  Converting their visions & objectives into measurable outcomes on practical timelines
      •  Creating their detailed prioritized action plans along with accountability milestones
      •  Strengthening their Leadership Skills & Employee Development Strategies
      •  Improving their communication skills that "Empower People" (Clients, Suppliers, Peers, Employees, Managers, Executives, Investors)

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Maureen Craig McIntosh (AKA Grammy Mo!)

Maureen has worked with people her entire life. After serving people through Employee Assistance Programs for more than 25 years Maureen has transitioned into Personal and Executive Coaching. (College of Executive Coaching ). Working as a counsellor for all those years Maureen heard many stories about the work place and realized that these programs are costing a fortune in Stress Leave. Maureen wants to make a difference in the work place.

She is so passionate about this that she became a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker as a member of The John Maxwell Team. John Maxwell is a leadership GURU who has written over 73 books. Currently she is certified to train others in the 5 learning systems, Become a Person of Influence, How to be a R.E. A. L. Success, Leadership Gold, Put Your Dream to the Test and Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. She also does Mastermind Groups on the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The !5 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Leran

She believes that we are all managers, counsellors, teachers and friends to someone daily. We switch roles throughout the day. Her goal is to help you understand how and why people do what they do and in your role as manager help you unleash the leader within you.  
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As Senior Faculty with William Glasser International Maureen has been teaching Choice Theory, Reality Therapy ( a communication process) and Lead Management since 1988. Choice Theory is a psychology of personal freedom. Lead management is about how to manage others so they will perform quality work and want to stay in your workplace. Marcus Buckingham author of Now Discover Your Strengths states: People leave people, not the workplace. Something Maureen witnessed first hand in her counselling practice. Learn more: