Throughout this training, Douglas Jones helped this diversified group connected on more than just a professional level. There was a personal connection and understanding of each other’s learning and growth. There was a feeling of “Trust and Respect” in the room that I have never witnessed before.

The resulting “Learning, Co-operating, and Personal Growth” far exceeds my normal seminar expectations. The enthusiasm for the next session is exhilarating and contagious.


Ryan Grant
Director, Game Development, IGT

Doug has coached me through a couple of challenging issues always being careful to listen patiently and thoughtfully - always seeking the insights and counsel that has lead me to important breakthroughs for me both personally and professionally. His experience, training, objectivity, and humility are all excellent assets that he generously brings to every situation.

Doug has a gift for explaining the essence of the human experience in a way that I could easily understand. He has given me charge to begin my journey and the tools to becoming a better leader. I look forward to my next course with Doug and I consider leadership training critical in helping me reach my full potential.

Nigel Bayliss, Price Landscaping Services

What Mr. Jones gave to our managers was the solution they'd been striving to find, along with the tools required to put it into practice. His unique approach of the manager as a coach has effected a mindset in our staff that has had demonstrable and lasting results.

Doug has helped me in my personal development keeping me focused on personal goals and achievements. He has helped me discover a great deal about myself and has given me direction on how to become a better leader.

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